Bugis people profile
The Bugis live in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. They are known as strong, even militant, Sunni Muslims. However, their Islamic practices are heavily influenced by animism, the belief in many unseen spirits. Prior to World War II, South Sulawesi experienced a small spiritual awakening and there may have been as many as 10,000 Bugis Christians. Unfortunately, the Japanese destroyed most of the churches and Islamic militants killed most of the Christians.  Today, believers are persecuted and most villages have no access to the Gospel. Though there are about 100 Christian churches in the capital city of Ujung Pandang, they are made up of transmigrant workers.  These churches currently have little burden for the millions of Bugis people living around them. Less than .1% of Bugis people are Christians.  Who will be involved in the great waves of prayer that need to go forth on behalf of the Bugis people?

Population: 3.5 million
Area: South Sulawesi
Religion:  Islam
Pray: Pray that God will open the hearts of the Bugis people during this time of transition in Indonesia. Ask Him to burden churches around the world to join in prayer for the Bugis.

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